An all embracing data analysis tool.

Brought to you by VSNi - a world leader in the advancement of statistical and data analytical tools and solutions for the biotechnology sector - Genstat is an all embracing data analysis tool.

For over 30 years VSNi have employed, and continue to work with, leading statisticians and scientists who help to create a package that succeeds for both novice and expert users in academia, research and industry.

A complete package, you can use Genstat to manage and illustrate your data, summarize and compare, model relationships, design investigations and of course analyse your experiments from the simplest ANOVA right through to the most complex REML.

Its comprehensive range of leading edge statistical content is continually being updated in line with both industry progression and user feedback. Originally conceived and developed at the Rothamsted Experimental Station (RRES), where many of the statistical techniques still in use today were first discovered, Genstat is used in the most demanding real-life applications today.


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