Spotfire® from TIBCO

Augment Intelligence for Your Business.

Bring Smart in to your Business

TIBCO Spotfire is a smart, secure, governed, enterprise-class analytics platform with built-in data wrangling that delivers AI-driven, visual, geo, and streaming analytics.

Whether you are beginning your analytics journey by building a simple dashboard, or working on generating deeper insights with a hyper-rich interactive analytic app, Spotfire supports you with numerous tools and techniques.

Features include:

  • Smart Visual Data Discovery - time to insight is dramatically shortened with smart visual analytics, an AI-driven recommendation engine, and full-featured data discovery toolset.
  • Immersive Data Wrangling - data preparation features help shape, enrich, and transform your data and creates features and identify signals for dashboards and actions. Inline data wrangling helps you quickly spot data outliers, inconsistencies, and deficiencies.
  • Predictive Analytics Your Way - working with predictive models is easy, with an inbuilt run-time engine for R, and connectors for PMML, H2O, and SparkML. And with the ability to connect to RServe, SAS, and Matlab, you can do a lot more than just “create a pretty chart”.
  • Built-in Location Analytics - instantly clarify location in your analyses. Spotfire multi-layer mapping capabilities connect to many map services, so you can pick your favorite base maps to spark fast insight.
  • Action on Insights - with Spotfire Automation Services, you can automatically launch StreamBase when thresholds or rules are triggered, to close the loop with rapid root-cause analysis.
  • Proven Scalability - the Spotfire platform demonstrates unparalleled performance in the most demanding implementations. Administrators can be confident that business-critical analytical applications perform as needed using capabilities such as redistribution of resources for multiple workloads and SLAs, addition and deletion of nodes and service instances, and smart routing and resource pools.


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