The Unscrambler® from CAMO

The most complete multivariate data analysis solution.

The Unscrambler

Prism Training & Consultancy Ltd are the official re-sellers of The Unscrambler® software for the UK and Ireland.

The Unscrambler® X is a popular tool for thousands of data analysts, researchers and engineers around the world who need to analyze large and complex data sets quickly, easily and accurately using the power of multivariate analysis.

In the latest software upgrade, CAMO have removed the entire Design of Experiment (DOE) module and replaced it with the Design-Expert® from Stat-Ease, Inc., opening up a range of new possibilities for experimental design. Features include;

  • Multivariate regression and prediction methods
  • Multivariate classification methods
  • Exploratory data analysis tools such as PCA
  • Extensive data pre-processing tools for spectra
  • Classical statistics and statistical tests
  • Integrated Design of Experiments
  • Easy data importing in wide range of formats
  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface

Upcoming Prism public workshops featuring The Unscrambler® from CAMO

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19 - 20 November 2019MultivariateMultivariate Analysis - Level 1Stansted£0Reserve now

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