Training is one of Prism's three core services, along with consultancy and bespoke software development. Over the years that we've been delivering our workshops to scientists, engineers and analysts, we've developed a range of tools and materials to effectively communicate the relevant messages.

We know that it's easy to apply the statistical principles in the safety of the classroom, especially when presented with a carefully-prepared dataset. However, the purpose of our training isn't to prove that the theory works - it's to ensure that our delegates can apply the tools and techniques in their daily work, equipping themselves and their companies with more rigorous, effective and efficient methodologies.

One way that we achieve this is through the use of our simulation tool, ProSim, in our DoE workshops. We've developed this flexible application so that we can instantly call upon a range of scenarios, taken from a variety of industries, ensuring that the case study we select is relevant to our audience. We can also take data from our clients, and use this to create bespoke models for on-site training. Our standard scenarios include the following:

Once we've selected our scenario, we hand the simulator over to the delegates - they can then play with the factor settings in the safety of our virtual laboratory, allowing them to explore the relationships between the inputs and outputs of the process or assay:

Once they've run as many experiments as they wish, we can then compare this to adopting a more structured approach, highlighting the improved efficiency and effectiveness. We set up a DoE study in our client's preferred software package, and can then import the design directly into ProSim and simulate the results. As each delegate generates their own results, this allows us to demonstrate and discuss the inherent variability found in any real-life experiment - and explain how statistical methods can be used to overcome this challenge. 


If you'd like to discuss how you could benefit from our statistical training tools and expertise, then please get in touch.