Design of Experiments training

DoE Masterclass
D401 - 4 days

The DoE Masterclass is an intensive, hands-on programme giving you a complete grounding in the range of practical approaches to designing and analysing your own experiments. The Masterclass programme comprises two consecutive workshop days followed by a period, typically of three-months, of practical application in the workplace, then a further two consecutive workshop days.

Topics covered

Day 1:
  • Motivation to Design of Experiments
  • Introduction to Full Factorials
  • Evidence-based decision-making
  • Fractional Factorials
  • Screening and Robustness Designs
  • Design Expert Experience & Practicals
Day 2:
  • DoE Potholes and the value of scoping designs
  • Links to MSA and Variation Management
  • DoE a Quality by Design (QbD), Design for Manufacture (DfM) & Sequential Strategy
  • Parameter investigation, optimisation and robustness
  • Predicted and proven acceptable ranges
  • Knowledge, Design and Control Space
  • Assembly of fit-for-purpose work packages
  • Break: a period - typically 3-months - of practical application in your workplace
Day 3:
  • Refining your Formulation and Process understanding
  • Augmenting screening designs
  • Effective resource management
  • Response surface modelling and optimization designs, choices
  • Process understanding, control and capability
  • Evolutionary operations
Day 4:
  • Putting what you have learned into practice (real-life case study following a Design for Six Sigma strategy)
  • Identify optimal, robust and transferable settings for a real-life development process

Software Tools Used

We regularly run this course using the following software packages, but please just contact us if you'd like to discuss using your current in-house tool instead:

We also use our own simulation tool, ProSim, in this workshop.

Who should attend?

  • Lead Users and Potential Lead Users

Recommended Preparation

Prism training courses - 

  • D101 DoE Overview
  • F103 Taming Chaos - Variation Management

There are no public workshops currently scheduled for this course - please contact us to learn when we'll next be running it.