Multivariate Data Analysis & Chemometrics training

MVA & Calibration II
M102 - 1 day

The second of three modules providing you with a range of powerful methods and tools to help you turn large complex multivariate data into informed decisions.

Topics covered

  • Class separating information
  • Soft Independent Modelling of Class Analogy (SIMCA)
  • PLS-Discriminant Analysis (PLS-DA)
  • Relate two data matrices X and Y

Software Tools Used

We regularly run this course using the following software packages, but please just contact us if you'd like to discuss using your current in-house tool instead:

Attendees may also be interested in exploring Prism's free online 3D Visualiser tool.

Who should attend?

  • Lead Users and Potential Lead Users

Recommended Preparation

Attend Prism's M101 - MVA & Calibration I course

Please also see the following workshops:

There are no public workshops currently scheduled for this course - please contact us to learn when we'll next be running it.