Quality Initiatives training

Six Sigma Lead User Programme
S601 - 6 days

Master the Six Sigma framework with our 6-day programme, and understand the work flow of activities to gain process understanding, confidence and control with continuous improvement and risk management to sustain the gains.

Topics covered

Day 1: Qualify (Define & Measure):
  • Motivation & TPP: Accuracy, Precision etc. & baseline Control, Capability & Precision-to-Tolerance
  • Graphical Analysis & Summary Statistics: data types, distributions & transformations; An introduction to JMP.
Day 2: Develop (Analyse the Method, Analyse the Data):
  • Process Flow & Map (SIPOC), Cause-&-Effect (Fishbone), CNX: fix Controls standardise/SOP; identify Noise (Ruggedness) / eXperimental (Regression & Robustness) parameters.
  • Prioritise CNXs: Prioritisation Matrix & FMEA.
  • Data Collection & Data Formatting: sampling plans / schemes & data collection templates.
  • Noise (Ruggedness) focus: Variation Management, Precision analysis & MSA.
Day 3: Develop (Analyse the Data):
  • eXperimental (Regression/Robustness) focus: Hypothesis Testing (One, two & multi factors, including Equivalence Testing), Analysis of Variance (ANOVA & ANCOVA) & Regression.
Day 4: Develop & Validate (Analyse & Improve):
  • DoE (Scope-screen-optimise & robustness, leading to control and design space).
  • Simulation & initial Risk Assessment (Monte Carlo) and revise sampling plans if necessary.
Day 5: Validate (Improve to demonstrate Method Understanding, Control & Capability):
  • Validation Tests (e.g., Linearity, Range, LoD / LoQ, Accuracy, Precision & Robustness): apply previously learned tools (Precision Analysis, Hypothesis Testing, Regression, etc.).
  • Risk Assessment & Control Strategy: FMEA, Error Proofing, Operational Definitions & Control Strategy.
Day 6: Routine Use, Continuous Improvement & TT, Control:
  • Control Charts & Capability (Short- & long-term variation).
  • Continuous Improvement & Risk Assessment: Exploit Understanding; Specification Setting, more on Statistical Intervals & Stability)

Software Tools Used

We regularly run this course using the following software packages, but please just contact us if you'd like to discuss using your current in-house tool instead:

Who should attend?

  • All scientists or engineers looking to become a load user for Six Sigma projects

Recommended Preparation


There are no public workshops currently scheduled for this course - please contact us to learn when we'll next be running it.