Statistical Programming training

R Programming - Course 2
F107 - 1 day

The base R distribution and the vast number of add-on packages provide a wealth of functions for data management and statistical analyses. However understanding how to program in R will enable you to work more efficiently by writing code for re-use in routine analyses. It will also equip you to run simulations and implement novel or customised methods. This workshop introduces the fundamentals of R programming, looks at ways to improve the efficiency of R code, considers how to debug code and how to make use of multiple cores (on Windows).

Topics covered

  • Overview of data structures in R
  • Flow control (for loops, if/else blocks)
  • Efficient code, vectorization
  • Running code on multiple cores
  • Writing functions
  • Error handling and debugging

Software Tools Used

We regularly run this course using the following software packages, but please just contact us if you'd like to discuss using your current in-house tool instead:

Who should attend?

  • Statisticians, data analysts or other professionals who would like to use R for statistical analysis.

Recommended Preparation

Basic knowledge of R, such as taught in F106 Getting Started with R - Course 1

Please also see the following workshops:

There are no public workshops currently scheduled for this course - please contact us to learn when we'll next be running it.